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Corporate Pharmacy Services believes no two clients are the same, and tailors each program specifically to meet the needs of individual clients. Through our dedicated customer service center we work with our clients to establish a best-in-class program designed to trim excess cost from their pharmacy program while providing the utmost in customer care to the patients they serve. Corporate Pharmacy Services uses proactive management of every claim beginning with the initial prescription, including real-time review prior to dispensing, and through our ancillary services in-depth utilization management to ensure correct billing of compensable medications.

PriorityRx Point of Injury Program

When an injured worker needs medications quickly, the PriorityRx program provides immediate access to a network of retail pharmacies allowing for prompt processing of their prescription without approval delays. Services include:

  • Capture the initial prescription at network discounts
  • Claimant enrollment on-site as well as on-line
  • Scalable program offering client workflow customizations and medication plans
  • All invoicing from one source

Retail Pharmacy Network

The retail pharmacy network provides:

  • 64,000 + retail locations
  • Most National Chains and 20,000 Independent Locations
  • Client Specific Customized Networks
  • Real-time interaction to provide instant point-of-sale review of all medications prior dispensing

Mail Order Services

CPS has a fully operational mail order facility located in Gadsden, AL. Through our mail order, CPS is able to leverage our purchasing power with drug wholesalers in order to drive additional costs out of the system for payers. The mail order program is able to provide:

  • Cost Plus Pricing
  • 90 Day Supply of Medications
  • Prescriptions Shipped with 2nd Day Delivery
  • All Medications Screened for Compensability, Early Refill Request, Quantity Limits, etc.
  • Toll Free Order Line for Claimants with Interactive Voice Response System

Compounding Pharmacy Services

CPS is able to offer our clients the ability to order compounded medications when ordered by a physician. Compounding offers a medication therapy alternative that is effective in some specific cases and can be delivered through methods such as gels and ointments applied directly to the site of injury. When compounded medications are ordered, the payer can refer these to CPS who works with the treating provider to obtain the compounded ingredients and supply these medications to the claimant at a significant cost savings to the payer.

Pricing Transparency

When it comes to pricing, no one will be more transparent than CPS. Our clients are able to easily interpret our invoices to see exactly what they are paying for each covered medication. In addition, CPS is the only mail order facility in the workers’ compensation market to offer a true cost plus pricing model thereby creating the greatest transparency of all.

CPS Programs

CPS offers programs for 3 types of business lines:

  1. Workers’ Comp – CPS will take care of your injured worker beginning at the point of injury until the injured worker no longer needs medication through the use of our Priority Rx Program, Retail Program and Mail Order Services.
  2. Auto Injury – CPS can coordinate benefits if the injured party has health insurance that should be first payor.
  3. MSA Custodial Administration – At CPS we understand there is a difference between MSA accounts and workers' comp. We combine our competitive pricing along with the knowledge we have acquired during our 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry to help patients get the most out of their MSA funding.