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Delivering cost-saving pharmacy solutions.

We believe no two clients are the same and tailor each program specifically to meet the needs of individual clients. Our dedicated team of specialists work with our clients to establish a best-in-class program designed to trim excess cost from their pharmacy program while providing the utmost in customer care to the patients they serve.

Corporate Pharmacy Services uses proactive management of every claim beginning with the initial prescription, including real-time review prior to dispensing, and in-depth utilization management to ensure correct billing of compensable medications.

"If we're not taking care of your people, we're not doing our job."


Corporate Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CPS) has been providing cost-saving pharmacy solutions for over three decades.


Continued analysis of prescription data provides clients with opportunities to routinely lower costs by detecting inefficiencies. Our innovative approach to program management allows us to have the most cost-effective pharmacy program in the industry!



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PriorityRx Point of Injury Program

When an injured worker needs medications quickly, the PriorityRx program provides immediate access to the CPS nationwide network of retail pharmacies allowing for prompt prescription processing  without approval delays. Benefits include:

  • Capturing the initial prescription at network discounts
  • Claimant enrollment on-site as well as online
  • A scalable program offering client workflow customizations and medication plans
  • All invoicing from one source

Retail Pharmacy Network

The CPS retail pharmacy network provides individuals with the following:

  • 64,000 + retail locations
  • All national chains and Independent Locations
  • Client-specific customized networks
  • Real-time interaction to provide an instant point-of-sale review of all medications prior to dispensing
  • Customizable medication plans at payer and claimant levels
  • Third-party bill solutions providing the greatest savings for clients

Mail Order Services

CPS has a fully operational mail order facility located in our home office. Through our program, we leverage our purchasing power with drug manufacturers to drive additional costs out of the system for payers. The program provides:

  • Cost plus pricing & 90 day supply of medications
  • Prescriptions shipped with 2nd day delivery
  • All medications screened for compensability, early refill requests, quantity limits, etc.
  • Toll-free order line with interactive voice response system

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Compounding Pharmacy Services

CPS allows clients to order compounded medications when approved/ordered by a physician. Compounding offers a medication therapy alternative for specific cases through gels and ointments applied directly to the injury site.

When ordering compounded medications, CPS will work with the treating provider to obtain the compounded ingredients and supply these medications to the claimant at a significant cost saving to the payer. 


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Formulary Management

No two injuries are ever the same, so the approved drugs for each claim must also be customizable. Clients can establish a preferred drug list tailored at the claimant level depending on the injury and underlying factors. By developing a claimant-specific medication plan, the payer can achieve maximum control and ensure the claimant receives only the medications they need during their rehabilitation.

Point of Sale Reviews

Medication cost is a key driver in workers’ compensation, but paying for drugs unrelated to the injury is an even greater expense. CPS has established a real-time adjudication process that allows us to review every medication before dispensing. The payer can customize these protocols to provide maximum control of your pharmacy program. 

Utilization Management

CPS utilization management programs aim to reduce unnecessary medical costs without compromising the quality of healthcare claimants receive. Programs can be customized to meet the client's needs and include:

  • Generic Conversion / Therapeutic Alternatives Program
  • Narcotic (Pain) Management Program
  • Pharmacotherapy Case Management Program
  • Quantity Limits
  • Prior Authorization Program
  • Non-Injury Related Drug Use Program
  • Off-label Drug Use Program
  • Physician Profiling and Education Program

Treatment Interventions

From a claim payer’s perspective, understanding the complexities of the medical treatment for a specific claim can be a daunting task. To assist with this, CPS has developed a process to assist the payer in addressing medical necessity when a physician prescribes a specific brand of medication.

In these instances, CPS can reach out to the payer through multiple means to assess whether medication is related to the occupational injury and suggest equivalent therapeutic alternatives.

These interventions can significantly lower the cost of prescribed medications while ensuring the claimant receives the best possible medical care. 

Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency is at the heart of CPS. We make invoices easy for clients to understand by outlining what they pay for each covered medication. Our mail-order facility is also the only one in the workers' compensation market to offer a cost-plus pricing model. 

Physician Dispensing and Third-Party Bills

Frustration. That's the consistent word we hear when we discuss third-party billings with our clients and potential clients. Unlike our competitors, CPS does not simply reprice these bills to applicable state fee schedules — instead, we have dedicated staff working diligently to reduce and eliminate these billings. Through our proprietary process CPS routinely saves our clients as much as 75% on Third Party Bills.

CPS Programs

CPS offers programs for three types of business lines:

  1. Workers’ Comp – CPS will take care of your injured worker from the point of injury until the injured worker no longer needs medication through  our Priority Rx Program, Retail Program and Mail Order Services.
  2. Auto Injury – CPS can coordinate benefits if the injured party has health insurance that should be the first payor.
  3. MSA Custodial Administration – At CPS, we understand there is a difference between MSA accounts and workers' comp. We combine our competitive pricing with the knowledge we have acquired during our 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry to help patients get the most out of their MSA funding.

Savings Beyond Drug Discounts

Through advanced reporting capabilities, CPS offers additional ways to save money by analyzing the following:

  1. Physician prescribing habits
  2. Top users
  3. Top drugs

In addition to analyzing the elements above, we may also suggest a pharmacotherapy review to assist in lowering costs. This in-depth review offers better insight into the patient's drug history and medical notes.

It also allows us to eliminate unwarranted drug therapy, search for therapeutic and lower-cost alternatives, and detect medication overutilization.

CPS has partnered with national ancillary service providers to meet our client base’s broader needs.. Payers can now access their medical cost containment needs through one provider.

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